dos Albumdos

Produced by Valerie JanLois

Recorded by Adam Muñoz, Alberto Hernandez and Reto Peter at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA and by Gawain Mathews Studios, San Pablo CA.

Edited by Gawain Mathews and Valerie JanLois. Additional edits by Adam Muñoz.

Mixed by Adam Muñoz at Fantasy Studios.

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC.

Additional recording by Jay Mattsson, Hedquist Productions, Fairfield, IA, Jon Evans, San Pablo Recorders, Berkeley, CA, Ben Yonas at Yonas Media West, Oakland CA, Tony Gross, GFP Productions, Rochester NY, Nathan Headrick, Josie Overmeyer’s house, Fairfield IA.

Fresh Ears by Bond Bergland
All backing vocals by Valerie JanLois except where noted
Photography – Tamarind Free Jones
Design – Kari Wrede

No Drop of Love (Is Ever Wasted)

hicoverProduced by Valerie JanLois, Bond Bergland, and Gawain Mathews

Recorded at San Pablo Recorders, Berkeley, CA & Primordial Sound, Emeryville, CA, by Bond Bergland; Gawain’s House, Richmond, CA, by Gawain Mathews; Fantasy Studios, Berkeley CA, by Adam Muñoz, Jeffrey Wood and Alberto Hernandez; Chocolate O’Brian, Oakland, CA, by Bond Bergland and Dave Tweedie; Zhone Studios, Oakland, CA, by Ben Yonas and Oscar Yonas, and Bay Records, Berkeley, CA, by Mike Cogan.

Cover CD and beach photos by Alessandro DeSogos
Recording studio photos by Margaret H Ryle
Cover and insert design by Zero Division